Happy Hour Haven: A Toast at Lake Michigan

Welcome to The Boat House, Kenosha’s unparalleled haven for those who seek more than just a meal, but an experience to savor on the shores of Lake Michigan in Downtown Kenosha. Dive into the heart of joy with our Happy Hour, a ritual celebrated every Monday to Thursday from 2-5 PM, where laughter dances in the air and glasses chime in harmony.

Burgers, Fish Fry and Soup from the Boat House with Kenosha Restaurant Week Logo

Elevate your afternoons with our enticing drink specials that cater to every palate:

  • Well Mixers: A classic choice, available as a single for $3 or double up the delight for $6.
  • Miller Lite & Modelo: Cheers to simplicity with a pint of Miller Lite at $3 or the richer tones of Modelo at $4.
  • Wine Aficionados: Sip on the elegance of Kendall Jackson Chardonnay or the boldness of Drumheller Merlot at $7 a glass.
  • Our Famous Long Island Iced Tea: Indulge in a 32 oz Original, Regular, or Diet concoction, a Boat House signature at just $6.
  • Peach Vibes & Mojitos: Refresh with a Peach Whiskey Arnold Palmer or a zesty Mojito, in Lime or Strawberry, each at $6.
  • Margarita Moments: Lime or Strawberry, by the glass at $6 or gather around a carafe that serves 4-5 for $20.
  • Old Fashioned Press & More: Choose your twist with Bourbon or Brandy at $7, setting the tone for a perfect lakeside evening.
Drink Circle Photo
Food Circle Photo

Dine on Lakeside Gourmet Bites

Our $6 food specials are a testament to culinary craftsmanship, designed to complement your Happy Hour sips:

  • Mac N’ Jack Cheese Bites & Shrimp Cocktail: Begin with a crispy, creamy bite or the classic elegance of shrimp, each inviting the next course.
  • Elote Bites & Chicken Cordon Bleu Bites: Savor the essence of street-style corn or indulge in golden chicken stuffed with ham and cheese.
  • Italian Flavors & Fried Delights: From the heart of Italy with our Arancini to the simplicity of Deep Fried Meatballs, every choice is a journey.
  • Wild Mushroom Crostini: A delicate ensemble of blue cheese sauce and dried cherries, awaiting to tantalize your taste buds.

More Than Just Dining

At The Boat House, every meal is a prelude to merriment. We’re a place where comfort food meets lakeside leisure, where every visit becomes a celebration of the senses.

So, gather your shipmates and set sail for an unforgettable lakeside dining adventure at The Boat House.